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Heaters & Home Heating Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Daniel Snyder 60 months ago +0 votes:
The element is probably bad but you should check the wiring connections inside the heater's junction box. If the connection is good it would be best to replace the entire heater. more
Last answer by Daniel Snyder 60 months ago +0 votes:
If you have electric baseboard it may be a fire hazard but hot water baseboard only reaches 140 to 170 degrees. Try to remove the covers and use a utility knife to cut away as much as you can.  You can then use a small saw blade such as a hacksaw or coping saw blade to scrape away the remaining material between the fins. Also check to see what type of foam you used; most are flammable, but so... more
Last answer by BRYAN Andru 64 months ago +0 votes:
Better you can ask the people those who install. Patio Heaters Outlet | Kids Bean bags | Garden Gazebo more
Last answer by Daniel Snyder 65 months ago +3 votes:
Contact A.O. Smith's technical support, but it sounds like you might have a drafting problem that is causing the pilot light to go out. Also, many of these HWH have a combustion air filter that may need to be cleaned, or it may have been damaged or removed and this may cause the problem. The last issue may be that the control valve is not reading the voltage from the thermopile and it may have to ... more
Last answer by Jason Stattom 71 months ago +0 votes:
@jeff, well friend i was very confused when i was not aware of some good water heater.If you are tired with your water heater installation and want to shift to anather water heater...Then check this link it will help you a lot to know about some exclusive water heater     waterheaterguides.net more
Last answer by Daniel Snyder 72 months ago +4 votes:
It sounds like the valve is "normally open" (NO) so that when there is no voltage going to the valve, the port rotates to the open position. You can see if you can purchase a similar model that is NC or "normally closed". The other issue with having zone valves on the return side is that when loop is open it can back-feed the other loops, especially with NO valves. It is possible that the seat on ... more
Last answer by Angie Russell 104 months ago +0 votes:
Radiators should be flushed periodically. Also, if you have a small leak that is causing you problems you can pour black pepper in the radiator that will temporarily plug the leak. more
Last answer by William Norman, P.E., S.E. 104 months ago +0 votes:
In the midwest, these are available at Tractor Supply Company and Quality Farm and Fleet stores. There are also individual companies that this is all they sell (along with fireplaces and other stoves). You should review what you are buying as there are many variables. One good source is online: http://www.woodpelletstoves.net/buying-advice.html""">http://www.woodpelletstoves.net/buying-advice.h... more