How to Warm Ceramic Floor Tiles
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How to Warm Ceramic Floor Tiles

How to heat tiled floors How to warm ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic tiles, slate and marble floors look very attractive and are very durable but they can be very cold, even at room termperature.

Underfloor heating systems are specifically designed to gently warm marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as laminate, slate, granite and dimensional stone, they comprise of 3mm thick cables and heating mats. 

The system radiates gentle warmth through a network of low-profile cables which are UL listed  and CSA certified. Cables are placed in the mortar just below the tiles and never damage them. The cables consist of twin core resistance wire conductors with an outer sheath and a screening foil. There is an earth braid and a waterproof protective outer jacket.

Heating cables are perfect for smaller rooms like bathrooms but heating mats are better for larger areas. They can be laid out quickly and are ideal for the DIY enthusiast. They also have the added flexibility of allowing the mat to be cut and manoeuvred round obstacles like kitchen islands and units.

The heating cable is easily detached from the mat backing and laid as a loose cable to make it easier to fit around awkward areas like door recesses and fixed units.

Heating cables are earthed and fully waterproof so are perfectly suited for wet areas like bathrooms. Before installation can take place it is necessary to find the correct place to fit the outlet box and space the cable attachment, strapping it to the floor.

Installation involves positioning the box in the wall directly above the area to be warmed and transferring the appropriate power feed to the box. The underfloor heating system can be fitted in any room, bathrooms, kitchen, utility rooms, anywhere there is a tiled floor.

The system operates on an ordinary current and costs less than 1% per square foot per day when the cables are installed with a specially designed thermostat.

The FTS Thermostat offers the following

  • Pre-programming for easy set-up.
  • Manual operation or 7 day/5-2 programme options
  • Built-in ground fault protection
  • Installation tools

FTS thermostats fit standard electrical boxes.

With heating mats electric current passes through the resistance wires and heats up the cable to a given temperature. The cables are factory pre-spaced on a mesh backing to produce heating materials with an output of either of either 150 watts per metre or for big output mates 200 wpm. These are designed for areas with a high heat loss such as conservatories.

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