How to Heat Your Home Most Cost-Efficiently This Winter
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How to Heat Your Home Most Cost-Efficiently This Winter

The Topic that will be covered in this article is about the ways to heat your home and the ways of heating a home to be more cost efficient.
Every winter that comes around every year is different for the all the others. With every winter the cold weather comes and with it comes hail, snow and harsh and sometimes strong winds. All throughout the world where winter winds and cold air blows there are people who heat their homes with different sources of making their home warm. There are many ways people keep their homes warm and comfortable with different types of heating fuels, heating systems or space heaters. The Topic that will be covered in this article is about the ways to heat your home and the ways of heating a home to be more cost efficient.

Let’s begin with natural gas because that is what I have to heat my home every winter. Having natural gas to heat your home has its good points. When the power goes out I still can be warm and if you have a gas hot water heater you can take a hot bath or shower. If you have electric heat and water heater you will be left out in the cold. I believe natural gas heating systems will warm you house faster and uses less energy because the flame from the gas will heat the air faster. With electric you have to wait for the coils to heat up before the air becomes warm enough to break off the chill in a home. Natural gas is a good way to heat your home and water and is cost efficient.

Propane is another natural gas people use to heat their homes with. Propane is also a cost efficient way of heating your home either by a home system or by a portable heater using propane. Similar to gas propane will heat your home faster and is cost efficient.

Central broiler outdoor furnace is another way to heat your home. This outdoor furnace is located outdoors from 30 to as far as 500 feet away from your home. This system will work with your existing heating system. This system uses water and fire to create hot air and forces this air through underground pipes into your home. One of these systems claims to have the ability to heat multiple buildings and be used to heat your water also. This system seems to be a good way to heat your home and is cost efficient.

The indoor wood stove is a good way to heat your home especially if you own a home around 1300 square feet. My mother in-law that lives in Tennessee still uses a wood stove to heat their home every winter. The only bad thing is the stove she uses doesn’t have a thermostat or way to regulate how hot it gets in the house. I can tell you this much the wood stove they use will sometimes run you out of the house will get too hot. This is a good way to heat your home and is cost efficient.

Fire Places are popular and good to have in a home. With the newer type fireplaces with blowers this is also a good way to help heat your home and is cost efficient.

Corn Stoves claim to burn more economically than propane or natural gas and claims to be environmentally friendly, durable and best of all it burns whole kernel corn. The only bad thing is one bushel of corn or 56 pounds of corn will last for only 19.24 hours on the lowest setting that is 20,000 BTU. This may be a good way to heat your home but I don’t believe it would be cost efficient unless you grow corn and have plenty of it to burn.

Kerosene Heating Stove: This stove is a good way to keep your house warm this winter. My mother-in-law also has this type stove in her home as a back up to the wood burning stove. A kerosene stove can usually heat a home up to 2200 square foot because that’s about how big my mother in-laws house is. They are easy to install and controlled by a thermostat. This type home heating system is a good way to heat your home and is cost efficient.

Electric Heat Pumps: Electric heat pumps have become very popular across the nation and found to be a good heating source. The heat pump is rated by the heating seasonal performance factor for heating. It is rated by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio for cooling. These two ratings are listed on most major appliances. The way the rating works is that the higher these two numbers are the lower it will cost to operate that appliance. So if you go out looking to buy a new heat pump for your home look for a SEER rate of at least 15 and a HSPF rate at the minimum a 9. A heat pump is a good way to keep your home warm and is cost efficient.

Keeping the inside of your house warm and cost efficient every winter is something that all home owners face from year to year. All of the heating systems in this article are capable of keeping your home warm come winter time. Hopefully with the information in this article you can make a good decision on what kind of heating system you may want to have installed in your home.

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Great article on how to heat your home most cost efficiently.